The Sorcerers




Professor Monserrat, a renowned hypnotist, can control other peoples’ minds and share the experiences they enjoy with a technique he has perfected. Working with his wife, Estelle, the Professor persuades Mike Roscoe to become their first test subject.

As they use the device, they both become entranced with the sensations and pleasure they gain from inhabiting a young man’s body. For Estelle, the power she can wield soon brings out a chilling side to her nature.

Professor Monserrat must wrestle with Estelle’s demons before they destroy them both…

The professor and Estelle start to realise that they have built a strong psychic link with Mike. Not only can they experience what he experiences, but they can also control his actions. Soon, Estelle is using Mike to drive cars too fast, commit burgulary and later on to perpetrate some brutal murders. The Professor becomes embroiled in an intense battle of wills with his wife – he sickened by her base instincts. The Professor must stop her and stop her fast.

On the run from the police, Mike Roscoe gets involved in a high-speed car chase. Now, the Professor spots his chance. He wills Mike to drive at a suicidal pace and gets him to crash the car; it bursts into flames. The Professor and Estelles’s bodies lie lifeless, charred and still.




RottenTomatoes: An unusual horror film. It merges two styles of horror film making; Karloff represented the old school and he is in a more grittier contemporary setting than we expect.

Britishhorrorfilms: A very watchable film, despite its brutality and bleakness.

Britmovie: A swinging-sixties low budget cult horror film that proposes that youth is wasted on the young.



Professor Monserrat: From now on we are going to control your mind. From time to time we’ll put thoughts into your head, and you will obey those thoughts.



  • Directed by Michael Reeves
  • Produced by Patrick Curtis & Tony Tenser
  • Music by Paul Ferris
  • Cinematography Stanley A. Long
  • Production company Tigon British Film Productions



  • The exploding car scene got so out-of-hand that the real fire brigade had to put it out.



Boris Karloff — Prof Marcus Monserrat | Catherine Lacey — Estelle Monserrat | Elizabeth Ercy — Nicole | Ian Ogilvy — Mike Roscoe | Victor Henry — Alan | Sally Sheridan — Laura Ladd | Alf Joint — Ron, the mechanic | Meier Tzelniker — The Jewish Baker | Gerald Campion — Man in China Shop | Susan George — Audrey Woods | Ivor Dean — Insp. Matalon | Peter Fraser — Detective | Martin Terry — Tobacconist | Bill Barnsley — Constable in Fur Store | Maureen Booth — (as Maureen Boothe)