The Plague Of The Zombies



Sir James Forbes, a surgeon, travels to Cornwall with his daughter, Sylvia, at the request of a former pupil, Dr Peter Thompson. He needs help in solving the causes of a recent series of deaths.

The trail eventually leads to Squire Hamilton, who has just returned from Haiti. Using secret voodoo techniques, he has been resurrecting dead bodies and turning them into zombies so that he can use them to work in his tin mine.

After disinterring the coffins of those recently deceased, Sir James finds them empty! He discovers, with Dr. Thompson, zombies walking on Squire Hamilton’s estate, near an old, deserted tin mine.

Later that night, Sylvia is paid a visit by Squire Hamilton. Sylvia manages to cut her finger on a shard of glass, and Hamilton secretly conceals a portion of it in a glass vial. She is lured, with the help of Hamilton’s voodoo techniques, into the woods. Squire Hamilton’s intent is to transform her into a zombie.

As Dr. Thompson follows Sylvia to the mines, Sir James visits the Squire’s abode and discovers the figures that he uses for his voodoo rituals. After a furious struggle with one of the Squire’s henchmen, the room is set on fire. Sir James escapes and joins Thompson at the tin mines.

As the figures in the Squire’s house burn, the zombies in the mine do the same. Sir James, Thompson and Sylvia escape as the crazed zombies and Hamilton burn.



TimeOut: Perhaps a little tame these days, The Plague of the Zombies is highly atmospheric, imaginatively directed with classy photography.

AllMovie: Spooky, atmospheric horror opus that ranks among Hammer’s finest.

Classic-Horror: This film strongly foreshadows the George Romero approach.



Sir James Forbes: Someone in this village is practicing witchcraft. That corpse wandering on the moors is an undead, a zombie.



  • Directed by John Gilling
  • Produced by Anthony Nelson Keys
  • Music by James Bernard
  • Cinematography Arthur Grant
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions



  • The Plague of the Zombies (1966) was filmed back to back with The Reptile (1966) and used many of the same sets.



Andre Morell — Sir James Forbes | Diane Clare — Sylvia Forbes | Brook Williams — Dr. Peter Tompson | Jacqueline Pearce — Alice Mary Tompson | John Carson — Squire Clive Hamilton | Alexander David — Denver (as Alex Davion) | Michael Ripper — Sergeant Jack Swift | Marcus Hammond — Tom Martinus | Dennis Chinnery — Constable Christian | Louis Mahoney — Coloured Servant | Roy Royston — Vicar | Ben Aris — John Martinus | Tim Condren — A young blood (as Tim Condron) | Bernard Egan — A young blood | Norman Mann — A young blood