The Mummy’s Shroud




Ancient Egypt: Prem, a servant to boy Prince Kah-To-Bey, takes him away into the desert for protection when his father is killed in a palace coup. Unfortunately, the boy dies and is buried by Prem.

1920: An expedition is led by scientist Sir Basil Walden and business man Stanley Preston to find the tomb of Kah-To-Bey. Just as they are about to enter the tomb a local Bedouin, Hamid, gives them a warning about the consequences for those that violate the tombs of Ancient Egypt and remove the bodies and the sacred shroud. This warning they ignore. One of the team, Sir Basil, is bitten by a snake just after finding the tomb. He recovers, but suffers a relapse after arriving back in Cairo.

Preston takes advantage of this and commits him to an insane asylum, by bribing an official, in order to take credit for finding the tomb and the Prince’s mummy. After being placed in the Cairo Museum, the mummy of Prem is revived when Hasmid chants the sacred oath on Kah-To-Bey’s burial shroud. The mummy then proceeds to go on a murderous rampage to kill off the members of the expedition, beginning with Sir Basil after he escapes from the asylum.

One by one, those who entered the tomb are eliminated. Stanley Preston, after repeated attempts to evade the murder investigations and flee for his own safety, is murdered in a Cairo sidestreet by the avenging mummy. The remaining members of the party, Stanley’s son Paul Preston and Maggie Claire de Sangre have a final showdown with the mummy and Hamid in the museum. Claire gets hold of the mummy’s shroud and reads out “the words of death”. The mummy turns on Hamid before finally crumbling into dust.




BritMovie: The film is a notably low-budget affair with a competent cast merely going through the motions.

TimeOut: Writer/director Gilling collaborated on some of Hammer’s most imaginative pictures (The Plague of the Zombies and The Gorgon among them), but this old bag of tricks does neither him nor the studio justice.

Britishhorrorfilms: “Beware the beat… of the cloth wrapped feet…” if you can get past that awful tagline this isn’t a bad effort at all.



From poster: Dead a thousand years…Now he lives and breathes to avenge an ancient curse…To strangle the living…Raise the dead…And prey upon human flesh!



  • Directed by John Gilling
  • Produced by Michael Carreras
  • Music by Don Banks
  • Cinematography Arthur Grant
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions



  • The film was released in a double bill with Frankenstein Created Woman.
  • The design for the mummy’s mask was taken directly from a real one on display at London’s British Museum.



Andre Morell — Sir Basil Walden | John Phillips — Stanley Preston | David Buck — Paul Preston | Elizabeth Sellars — Barbara Preston | Maggie Kimberly — Claire de Sangre | Michael Ripper — Longbarrow | Tim Barrett — Harry Newton | Richard Warner — Inspector Barrani | Roger Delgado — Hasmid | Catherine Lacey — Haiti | Dickie Owen — Prem | Bruno Barnabe — Pharaoh | Toni Gilpin — Pharaoh’s Wife | Toolsie Persaud — Kah-to-Bey | Eddie Powell — The Mummy