The Man Who Could Cheat Death



Dr Georges Bonnet needs his old partner Professor Ludwig Weiss to perform a vital operation on him. If successful it will give him another ten years of youth and health. Until it is performed he must take a secret formula every six hours or his body will return to a state of absolute putrescence.

Professor Weiss later announces to Dr Bonnet that he cannot perform the operation because of paralysis in his arms. Dr Bonnet, also a sculptor, tries to persuade Dr Pierre Gerard, his model’s suitor, to perform the operation instead.

When an Inspector LeGris starts to investigate the disappearance of one of Dr Bonnet’s models, evidence accumulates that Dr Bonnet may be more than one hundred years old!




Oh-the-horror: While it’s certainly not among the Hammer classics, it’s an extremely well done film.

Dvdtalk: The film bears little resemblance to either the 1945 film of The Man in Half Moon Street or the play, and instead is like the kind of no-budget mad scientist films of the ’40s from Poverty Row that used to star Bela Lugosi, George Zucco, and/or John Carradine, only with a bit more intelligence, better-appointed sets, and color photography.



From trailer: Fear – as old as time – stares you straight in the face as you follow the man who lives a lie.



  • Directed by Terence Fisher
  • Produced by Michael Carreras & Anthony Nelson-Keys
  • Music by Richard Bennett
  • Cinematography Jack Asher
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions



  • Remake of the 1945 film The Man in Half Moon Street.
  • Peter Cushing was first choice for Dr Bonner but turned it down.



Anton Diffring — Dr Georges Bonnet | Hazel Court — Janine Dubois | Christopher Lee — Dr Pierre Gerard | Arnold Marle — Prof. Ludwig Weiss | Delphi Lawrence — Margo Phillipe | Francis De Wolff — Insp. LeGris | Gerda Larsen — Street Girl | Middleton Woods — Little Man | Michael Ripper — Morgue Attendant | Denis Shaw — Tavern Customer | Ian Hewitson — Roget | Frederick Rawlings — Footman | Marie Burke — Woman At Private View | Charles Lloyd Pack — Man At Private View | John Harrison — Servant