The Devil Rides Out




The Duc de Richleau enlists the help of Rex Van Ryn to look for their friend Simon Aron, who has been missing for three months. They go to a house that Simon has recently purchased, and they find that he is hosting a meeting with a group of friends. He says that the meeting is of an ‘Astronomical Society’, and they must leave because they aren’t members.

The Duc asks if he can see Simon’s telescope, and he forces himself upstairs to investigate. Finding some chickens in a basket and black magic symbols on the floor, he realises that Simon has become embroiled in a Satanic cult headed by the powerful Mocata.

The Duc kidnaps Simon and takes him back to his house. He tries to de-program him by putting a crucifix around his neck, but the evil influence on him is too strong and he escapes.

Going back to Simon’s, they realise he is not there. While there, the Duc has to do battle with one of Mocata’s evil manifestations.

After tracking down Tanith, one of Mocata’s disciples, Rex finds Simon at a country mansion. Hitching a ride in the boot of a car, Rex chances on a Satanic ceremony where Simon and Tanith are about to be baptised into the Devil’s inner circle.

Rex notifies the Duc and they both watch the ceremony from afar. They both see the danger Simon and Tanith are in when the very Devil himself puts in an appearance. Using the Duc’s car they make a daring rescue of Simon and Tanith and take them back to the Eaton’s, friends of the Duc and Rex.

With Mocata having a psychic link with Simon and Tanith, the Duc has to do deadly battle with Mocata’s black magic attacks. Only the Duc possesses the knowledge to thwart the evil Mocata and save Simon’s very soul.




Britmovie: A fast-moving, episodic film, it contains many set pieces which stay in the mind, including the discovery by Rex and the Duc of the pentacle circle hidden in Simon’s attic, the woodland initiation ceremony in which the Devil himself appears, and the climax in which a young girl is saved from sacrifice in a ceremony in which the Satanists are ultimately destroyed by the Duc.

Classic-horror: Easily the best film out of Hammer’s transitional period (from high-energy classics to low-brow entertainment), The Devil Rides Out is perfect for all of the studio’s enthusiasts.



  • Directed by Terence Fisher.



Christopher Lee — Duc de Richleau | Charles Gray — Mocata | Nike Arrighi — Tanith Carlisle (as Nike Arrighi) | Leon Greene — Rex Van Ryn | Patrick Mower — Simon Aron | Gwen Ffrangcon Davies — Countess | Sarah Lawson — Marie Eaton | Paul Eddington — Richard Eaton | Rosalyn Landor — Peggy Eaton | Russell Waters — Malin