The Blood Beast Terror




A series of murders occur in the countryside. The victims are all handsome young men left with their blood drained from their bodies. Joe Trigger, a witness to the latest murder, is driven insane when he sees the killer. Inspector Quennell and Sergeant Allan investigate the murders. When Joe Trigger rants about a ‘horrible winged creature with huge eyes’, and scales are found at the crime scene, Inspector Quennell suspects that a homicidal eagle may be on the loose. The two latest victims are students of entomologist Dr Carl Mallinger whom Quennell visits with some of the scales he has found.

When the explorer Frederick Britewell returns home from Africa with some samples he has found, he falls in love with Carl Mallinger’s daughter. After a play performed by some of the students, the two lovers Frederick and Clare go outside and Clare, transforming into a giant death’s head moth, attacks Frederick.

When Inspector Quennell chances upon the dying Frederick, the last words Quennell hears from him are, ‘death’s head’. Can Inspector Quennell put the pieces of the puzzle together and solve the case?

Mallinger has is in fact been trying to create a male Were-Moth as a mate for his daughter. Realising that this can only lead to more evil, Mallinger destroys the male moth. Enraged, Clare transforms into her alter-ego and kills her father.

Meanwhile, Quennell finally realises what Mallinger is trying to do and makes haste to his residence at Upper Higham. Quennell discovers that his daughter, Meg, has also become embroiled in Mallinger’s devious schemes and finds her unconscious and surrounded by flames in his mansion. Quennell cradles Meg in his arms and takes her outside.

While Outside, Quennell spots the moth creature flying overhead, so he sets a mound of leaves on fire to attract it. As moths are wont to do, it flies directly into the flames and falls from the sky burnt to a crisp.



MondoEsoterica: If it were not for the presence of Peter Cushing, this would deserve to languish in obscurity.

Bloody-Disgusting: Peter Bryant’s script decides to leave out important bits of information like how his daughter became “mothified” but pads out the film with people fishing for five minutes.

TheSpinningImage: Watching The Blood Beast Terror now seems more than a little absurd.



Inspector Quennell: The only time we have a witness to one of these murders and he’s out of his mind.



  • Directed by Vernon Sewell
  • Produced by Arnold L. Miller
  • Production company Tigon British Film Productions


  • Known in the US as The Vampire-Beast Craves Blood.
  • Peter Cushing considered this to be the worst film he has ever made.


Peter Cushing — Detective Inspector Quennell | Robert Flemyng — Dr Carl Mallinger | Wanda Ventham — Clare Mallinger | Vanessa Howard — Meg Quennell | David Griffin — William Warrender | Glynn Edwards — Sergeant Allan | William Wilde — Frederick Britewell | Kevin Stoney — Granger | John Paul — Mr Warrender | Russell Napier — Landlord | Roy Hudd — Smiler | Leslie Anderson — Joe Trigger | Simon Cain — Clem Withers | Robert Cawdron — Chief Constable | Kenneth Colley — James