Taste The Blood Of Dracula



Three eminent gentlemen, William Hargood, Sam Paxton, and Jonathan Secker engage in sordid behaviours at a local brothel every month. Lord Courtley approaches them and offers them the chance to experience something sensational – raising Count Dracula from the dead in a black magic mass. Bored by their routine existences they agree.

They meet up at church to take part in a ceremony. Lord Courtly mixes the dried up blood of Dracula with his own in a goblet and asks the three to drink it. When the three renege, Lord Courtly drinks it instead. After drinking it, he falls to the ground and starts screaming. When he grabs onto the mens legs, the men kick him to death in a frenzy.

The three men leave, and Lord Courtly transforms into Dracula.

Dracula vows revenge on those who have killed his servant.




Britishhorrorfilms: What makes Taste The Blood… ace is not the ending (which quite frankly is a bit shite – Dracula resorting to chucking stuff at the goodies from a balcony before realising-oops-he’s been in a church for practically the whole film), it’s all the other stuff.

Timeout: Though the film never quite lives up to its brilliantly staged opening scenes, its variation on the idea of the decadent, aristocratic Dracula’s threat to the sanctity of the Victorian middle-class family highlights an intriguing aspect of Hammer’s vampire mythology.



Dracula: They have destroyed my servant. They will be destroyed…



  • Directed by Peter Sasdy
  • Produced by Aida Young
  • Music by James Bernard
  • Cinematography Arthur Grant
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions



  • Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) is a sequel to Dracula has Risen from the Grave (1968).
  • Taste the Blood of Dracula was originally written without Dracula appearing at all.



Christopher Lee — Dracula | Geoffrey Keen — William Hargood | Gwen Watford — Martha Hargood | Linda Hayden — Alice Hargood | Peter Sallis — Samuel Paxton | Anthony Higgins — Paul Paxton (as Anthony Corlan) | Isla Blair — Lucy Paxton | John Carson — Jonathon Secker | Martin Jarvis — Jeremy Secker | Ralph Bates — Lord Courtley | Roy Kinnear — Weller | Michael Ripper — Inspector Cobb | Russell Hunter — Felix | Shirley Jaffe — Betty – Hargood’s Maid | Keith Marsh — Father