Scars Of Dracula



The opening scene of the film shows Dracula’s skeleton being given new flesh from the dripping blood of a bat.

When a village girl is found dead, the victim of a vampire, the locals decide to rid themselves of Count Dracula by burning down his castle. When they get back to the church, where all the womenfolk have been hiding, they find they are all dead – the victims of a vampire bat.

Womaniser, Paul Carlson, manages to escape from the clutches of the Burgomaster when he is discovered having his way with the Burgomaster’s daughter. The Burgomaster tracks him to a birthday party. Paul escapes yet again by jumping from the window into an empty carriage. Straining to keep control of the horses, he is finally dumped from the carriage into the village where Dracula’s castle is located.

Feeling the worse for wear, Paul tries to get a room for the night at the local inn, but the landlord is in no mood for having a libertine hanging around his daughter. By now, very tired, he spots an unattended carriage and boards it to sleep. Soon, the owner of the carriage, Dracula’s manservant Klove, returns from a hunting trip and drives the carriage to Dracula’s castle.

Paul is welcomed into Dracula’s castle by a mysterious woman, and he is met by the Count himself who gives him a room for the night.

Later that night the woman comes into Paul’s room and tells him she is being held captive at the castle. She stays the night with him, and when she wakes the next morning attempts to attack him as a vampire. Dracula thwarts the attack and stabs the girl leaving Paul unconscious and the door locked.

When Paul comes to, and finds the door locked, he tries to escape through the window by tying some blankets together. Scaling the walls of the castle, he finds Dracula’s lair, with Dracula lying in his coffin. Klove duly pulls the knotted blankets up leaving Paul stranded.

Meanwhile, Simon Carlson and Sarah come to the village looking for Paul. They eventually discover that he has gone to the castle and go there to find him. Can they save Paul From Dracula’s clutches?




Classic-horror: Scars of Dracula is a rushed product, a piece of marketing made to suck the money from unsuspecting wallets.

Timeout: The strained plot simply lurches from one gory set piece to another with (literally) extra lashings of sadism and sex.

Britishhorrorfilms: Scars Of Dracula is, like its stablemate Horror Of Frankenstein, truly dreadful in every way.


Klove: You fools! You think you can destroy my Master? The flames will never reach him.



  • Directed by Roy Ward Baker
  • Produced by Aida Young
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions



  • Scars of Dracula (1970) is a sequel to Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970).
  • The film was released in some markets on a double feature with The Horror of Frankenstein.



Christopher Lee — Dracula | Dennis Waterman — Simon Carlson | Jenny Hanley — Sarah Framsen | Christopher Matthews — Paul Carlson | Patrick Troughton — Klove | Michael Gwynn — The Priest | Michael Ripper — Landlord | Wendy Hamilton — Julie | Anouska Hempel — Tania | Delia Lindsay — Alice, burgomaster’s daughter | Bob Todd — Burgomaster | Toke Townley — Elderly Waggoner | David Leland — First Policeman | Richard Durden — Second Policeman | Morris Bush — Farmer