Kiss Of The Vampire



The opening scene shows a funeral taking place in a small Bavarian village. Two women amongst the mourners notice a figure some distance away, watching. While the coffin is being lowered into the grave, the figure approaches and throws a stake into the coffin resulting in a pool of blood and shock among the funeral-goers.

When honeymoon couple Gerald and Marianne Harcourt run out of petrol, they are forced to spend time in the same Bavarian village. They find an inn for the night and discover that very few people ever stay there. After being invited to a ball at Dr Ravna’s castle, they slowly become embroiled in a sinister vampire cult.

Marianne is abducted by the cult which contrives to make it appear that she never existed and that Gerald was travelling alone. Gerald goes to see the hard-drinking vampire expert Professor Zimmer, who lost his daughter to Ravna’s evil cult.

Using an arcane ritual, Zimmer releases a swarm of bats from hell and destroys Dr. Ravna and his minions.



RottenTomatoes: Kiss of the Vampire concentrates more on the seductive, sensual side of vampirism.

BritishHorrorFilms: The ending is powerful stuff, giving a spectacular end to Dr. Ravna and his evil cult.

Classic-Horror: Remains delightfully creepy throughout its length and has artistically refined sets.



Professor Zimmer: When the devil attacks a man or woman with this foul disease of the vampire the unfortunate human being can do one of two things. Either he can seek God through the church and pray for absolution or he can persuade himself that his filthy perversion is some kind of new and wonderful experience to be shared by the favoured few. Then he tries to persuade others to join his new cult.



  • Directed by Don Sharp
  • Produced by Anthony Hinds
  • Music by James Bernard
  • Cinematography Alan Hume
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions



  • The film was re-edited and extra scenes shot with new actors to make the US tv film Kiss of Evil.
  • The film’s ending was originally intended to be the ending to The Brides of Dracula but was dropped when Peter Cushing opined that Van Helsing would never resort to sorcery.



Clifford Evans — Professor Zimmer | Edward de Souza — Gerald Harcourt | Noel Willman — Dr. Ravna | Jennifer Daniel — Marianne Harcourt | Barry Warren — Carl Ravna | Brian Oulton — 1st disciple | Noel Howlett — Father Xavier | Jacquie Wallis — Sabena Ravna | Peter Madden — Bruno | Isobel Black — Tania | Vera Cook — Anna | John Harvey — Police sergeant