Frankenstein Created Woman



Baron Frankenstein has turned his researches in the direction of soul-transference. He hypothesises that the soul stays in the body up to an hour after death occurs. Working with his colleague, Dr Hertz, and local man Hans Werner, he discovers a way to trap the soul in a chamber until a suitable vessel can be found.

When the Baron’s experiments prove successful, Hans Werner is sent to the village inn to get a bottle of Champagne. Hans is in love with Christina, the landlord’s daughter, a woman who is slightly scarred and is lame in one leg. As Hans has no money on him, he exchanges his coat for one bottle of champagne. As he is about to leave the landlord tells him to stay away from his daughter. Hans has a bad reputation in the village because his father was guillotined for murder.

Just as he is about to leave, three local aristocratic hooligans arrive. They insist to the landlord on having their wine served by Christina. When Christina spills wine over one of the men, he insults her. Hans demands he apologise to christina, but when he doesn’t a fight breaks out.

While the fight is in progress the landlord sends for the local police, and Hans is escorted from the premises.

That night Hans spends time with Christina in her bedroom. At the same time the three hooligans go back to the inn, and events lead to them murdering Christina’s father.

When Hans’s coat is found at the murder scene, he immediately becomes the number one suspect. He refuses to give an alibi in order to protect Christina’s reputation, and he is found guilty of murder and sentenced to death by the guillotine.

After Hans is executed, a distraught Christina commits suicide.

Working quickly, Frankenstein puts his new-found knowledge to use. He obtains Hans’s body before one hour has passed and captures his soul. He places it into a newly deceased corpse – Christina.

The soul of Hans now inhabiting the transformed body of Christina, she embarks on a campaign of revenge against those who had wrongly accused him.

Without having any memory of who she was in her past life, Hans’ soul pushes Christina to take vengeance on those who wrongly accused him. Anton, Karl and Johann are all killed. After Hans’ vengeance is complete, Christina knows that her earthly task has ended. Despite the Baron’s pleas, Christina runs to the edge of a waterfall and drowns herself. Now Hans and Christina are together again.




TimeOut: Subtly decadent reworking of The Bride of Frankenstein theme.

Classic-Horror: Cool spin on the Frankenstein story, if a little slow.

Mondo-Esoterica: An interesting concept, but an unexciting film.



From Trailer: Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein, who crosses swords with Satan in his fight for immortality.



  • Directed by Terence Fisher
  • Produced by Anthony Nelson Keys
  • Music by James Bernard
  • Cinematography Arthur Grant
  • Production company Hammer Film Productions



  • Susan Denberg is dubbed.



Peter Cushing — Baron Frankenstein | Susan Denberg — Christina | Thorley Walters — Doctor Hertz | Robert Morris — Hans | Duncan Lamont — The Prisoner | Peter Blythe — Anton | Barry Warren — Karl | Derek Fowlds — Johann | Alan MacNaughton — Kleve | Peter Madden — Chief of Police | Philip Ray — Mayor | Ivan Beavis — Landlord | Colin Jeavons — Priest | Bartlett Mullins — Bystander | Alec Mango — Spokesman