Dracula Has Risen From The Grave




It has been a year since Dracula’s demise when he was buried under ice.

Monsignor Ernest Muller, of the Kleinberg monastery, visits the village to see that things are all well. He finds that the villagers will not attend mass because the long shadow of castle Dracula touches the church.

The Monsignor decides to go to Dracula’s castle with the priest to exorcise the ghost of Dracula and ease the villagers’ anxieties. The priest and the Monsignor climb the hill to castle Dracula, but the priest loses his nerve and has to stop. The Monsignor finally reaches the door to the castle and seals it with a cross.

Meanwhile, the priest, an alcoholic, stumbles over a cliff and cuts his head. The blood from the cut drips into a crack in the ice where Dracula lies, and he is resurrected; Dracula’s evil is awakened once again.

The priest is now under the control of Dracula, unbeknown to the Monsignor. With a cross sealing the door to Dracula’s castle, Dracula demands to know who is responsible. When Dracula finds out that it is the Monsignor, he vows to take the Monsignor’sniece, Maria, as his vampiric slave.

Dracula pursues Maria and eventually gets to her. The Monsignor spots what is happening to her but is sent to his deathbed by the priest. In his dying state, he beseeches Paul, Maria’s fiance, to help. Paul forces the priest to help him but Dracula draws Maria to him on the rooftop.

Dracula carries Maria to the castle and orders her to remove the metal cross sealing the door. She throws it over the parapet into the ravine. When Paul faces Dracula outside the castle, they get into a struggle and Dracula falls backward over the parapet impaling himself on the metal cross which has embedded itself in the ground. Dracula dissolves into dust while Paul crosses himself and Maria looks on.



BritishHorrorFilms: Dracula has Risen from the Grave is flawed, but there are some good ideas at work. The ending is very good.

TimeOut: Freddie Francis creates some admirable tension and atmosphere in the first half-hour.

TheSpinningImage: Freddie Francis’s visuals transforms a slight story into a delirious, comic-book horror.



Dracula: Now my revenge is complete.



  • Dracula has Risen from the Grave (1968) is a sequel to Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966).
  • Whenever Dracula or the castle are in a scene, the frames edges are tinged crimson, amber and yellow.



Christopher Lee — Dracula | Rupert Davies — Msgr Ernest Muller | Veronica Carlson — Maria Muller | Barbara Ewing — Zena | Barry Andrews — Paul | Ewan Hooper — Priest | Marion Mathie — Anna Muller | Michael Ripper — Max | John D. Collins — Student at Second Inn | George A. Cooper — Landlord | Chris Cunningham — Farmer at Inn | Norman Bacon — Altar Boy | Carrie Baker — 1st Victim