Curse Of The Crimson Altar
1968 **




The film starts with an introductory scene showing Lavinia, a dead witch, with her minions trying to force Paul Manning to sign her book in blood.

When he finds his brother has gone missing, antique dealer Robert Manning’s investigations lead to a country estate, Craxted Lodge, where he discovers an air of menace involving witches, sacrifices, and the dominating presence of Morley, Lord of the manor.

As Robert Manning probes further, aided by Lord Morley’s niece, Eve, he soon finds the solution to his brother’s mysterious disappearance…

Robert Manning discovers, with the help of Professor Marshe, an expert in the occult, of a witchcraft cult based around long since deceased Lavinia Morley. Robert finds that he, along with his dead brother, is one of the lineal descendants of the people who put Lavinia to death. Events lead to Craxted Lodge being burnt to the ground, the flames also consuming Lord Morley.



BritishHorrorFilms: It’s crap, but where else are you going to find Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Barbara Steele and Michael Gough all in the same film?

BritMovie: Lacklustre witchcraft suspense story. Despite a strong cast, the film is handicapped by a muddled script and meandering pace.

HorrorView: The performances help to keep a certain amount of interest in the film.



From titles:…and drugs of this group can produce the most complex hallucinations and under their influence it is possible by hypnosis to induce the subject to perform actions he would not normally commit (Extract from medical journal)



  • Directed by Vernon Sewell
  • Produced by Louis M. Heyward & Tony Tenser
  • Cinematography John Coquillon
  • Production company Tigon British Film Productions



  • The last film Boris Karloff starred in which was released during his lifetime.
  • The house used in the film is Grim’s Dyke House in Harrow Weald, Middlesex.



Boris Karloff — Professor Marsh | Christopher Lee — Morley | Mark Eden — Robert Manning | Barbara Steele — Lavinia | Michael Gough — Elder | Virginia Wetherell — Eve | Rosemarie Reede — Esther | Derek Tansley — Judge | Michael Warren — Chauffeur | Ron Pember — Petrol attendant | Denys Peek — Peter Manning | Nicholas Head — Blacksmith | Nita Lorraine — Woman with whip