Blood On Satan’s Claw




Set in seventeenth-century England, the film opens with ploughman Ralph Bower discovering a strange skull in a field. The skull is heavily deformed and has one eyeball attached to it. When the judge looks at it, he dismisses any fears about it as supernatural hogwash.

The judge’s predictions prove ill-founded when later people start to sprout hair on their bodies and begin to behave oddly. The judge is called again, and this time he takes it seriously and swears to return when he has researched the subject of witchcraft.

When he returns, he brings the full weight of his knowledge to bear on the great evil infecting the village.

Together, the children perform some blood sacrifices in order to bring the evil being into flesh. They are forced to mutilate themselves to provide skin for their malevolent master. Their ringleader, Angel, pronounces “Give me skin…”

After accumulating evidence of a future gathering of the cult, the judge takes some men to the spot and they kill the satanic beast.



TheSpinningImage: Blood on Satan’s Claw remains one of the most memorable examples of its genre.

RottenTomatoes: A little hard to find these days, but well worth searching for.

SpookyIsles: This piece of Brit Horror is an intelligent film that boasts tight direction, excellent performances and a haunting soundtrack.



The Judge: You must have patience, even while people die. Only thus can the whole evil be destroyed. You must let it grow.



  • Directed by Piers Haggard
  • Produced by Malcolm B. Heyworth & Peter L. Andrews
  • Music by Marc Wilkinson
  • Cinematography Dick Bush
  • Production company Tigon British Film Productions



  • For its US release the nudity was censored to avoid it being given an X rating.
  • Tony Tenser wanted the film to be titled The Ghouls are Amongst Us.



Patrick Wymark — The Judge | Linda Hayden — Angel Blake | Barry Andrews — Ralph Gower | Michele Dotrice — Margaret | James Hayter — Squire Middleton (also as James Hoyter) | Anthony Ainley — Reverend Fallowfield | Howard Goorney — The Doctor | Avice Landone — Isobel Banham (as Avice Landon) | Charlotte Mitchell — Ellen Vespers | Wendy Padbury — Cathy Vespers | Tamara Ustinov — Rosalind Barton | Simon Williams — Peter Edmonton | Robin Davies — Mark Vespers